NS111 Understanding Nature and Knowledge

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Course Code Course Title Weekly Hours* ECTS Weekly Class Schedule
Wednesday 15-16.30
Prerequisite None It is a prerequisite to


Lecturer Jasmin Sutkovic Office Hours / Room / Phone
10:00-12:00 Or any time via teams
10:00-13:00 Or any time via teams
A F3.24 - 033 957 187
E-mail jsutkovic@ius.edu.ba
Assistant Assistant E-mail
Course Objectives We discuss the historical development of our understanding of nature. We take a philosophical view of the developments, starting with the Ancient Period up to contemporary thought. The objective is to provide a common understanding of nature and our knowledge of it, which will serve as a foundation for empirical and formal sciences. The is to enhance our understanding, aid rigorous and rational thought, promote critical thinking, and raise awareness towards fallacies.

Learning Outcomes:
1. demonstrate rigorous and rational thinking skills
2. possess critical thinking skills
3. identify misconceptions
4. demonstrate familiarity with the fundamental philosophical topics, such as epistemology, ontology, and axiology
5. conduct independent reading and oral and written communication of such understanding
Textbook None. Online reading material will be assigned throughout the term.
Additional Literature
  • Will be given during the classes!
Learning Outcomes After successful  completion of the course, the student will be able to:
    Teaching Methods This course requires home reading and preparation followed by extensive class discussions and a post-lecture review by the student.
    Teaching Method Delivery Online Teaching Method Delivery Notes
    Week 1 Introduction to syllabus, Identification of One’s Self / Nature and Knowledge review TBA
    Week 2 Epistemology and theories of learning TBA
    Week 3 Signaling and Communication TBA
    Week 4 Metaphors We Live By TBA
    Week 5 Extracting Patterns from Phenomena TBA
    Week 6 Counting Counts TBA
    Week 7 Outsourcing Memory and Computation TBA
    Week 8 Epistemology and theories of learning TBA
    Week 9 Antic Philosophy and Scientific Revolution TBA
    Week 10 Causality vs. Patternality TBA
    Week 11 Objectivism and behaviourism TBA
    Week 12 Cognitivism, Constructivism and Connectivism TBA
    Week 13 Is the nature of knowledge changing? TBA
    Week 14 Summary
    Week 15 Review
    Assessment Methods and Criteria Evaluation Tool Quantity Weight Alignment with LOs
    Final Exam (Oral) 1 40 1-5
    Semester Evaluation Compenents
    Class Participation 10 10 1-5
    Quizzes (oral/written/online) 2 10 1-5
    Homework (oral/written/online) 3 10 1-5
    Midterm exam 1 30
    ***     ECTS Credit Calculation     ***
     Activity Hours Weeks Student Workload Hours Activity Hours Weeks Student Workload Hours
    Lectures 2 15 30 Class Preparation and Review 2 15 30
    Quizzes (oral/written/online) 2 2 4 Homework (oral/written/online) 1 2 2
    Final Exam 9 1 9
            Total Workload Hours =
    *T= Teaching, P= Practice ECTS Credit =
    Course Academic Quality Assurance: Semester Student Survey Last Update Date: 16/04/2021
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