VA452 Show Reel Production

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Course Code Course Title Weekly Hours* ECTS Weekly Class Schedule
VA452 Show Reel Production 0 3 6
Prerequisite Senior Standing It is a prerequisite to


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Course Objectives "This course will introduce students to the principles of Motion picture and editing, creating logical content in order to achieve personal video story. Highlight is on pushing students own creativity using compositing and editing software such as Adobe After effects and Autodesk Flame with combination of the 3D content. "
Textbook Television Production 16 th Edition by Jim Owens
Learning Outcomes After successful  completion of the course, the student will be able to:
  1. Create genuine concept from the scratch which can evolve into serious esthetic motion content.
  2. Identify and use appropriate principles of 2D/3D compositing design to describe and achieve flexible approach to the future projects.
  3. produce video principles and film grammar and use it in efficient way.
  4. Practice basic audio and lighting techniques
  5. Operate the basic functions of a video camera.
Teaching Methods
Week 1 Create a storyline complete with beginning, middle and ending Utilize proper camera techniques
Week 2 Storytelling Technique – focus statements, covering action vs. reaction, character development,
Week 3 Camera Demonstration/Shooting Techniques continued: scene file, gain, record check, using the light,
Week 4 Tips for shooting great video, Character Development
Week 5 Package writing - writing strong anchor intros, strong package opens, and strong bottom lines
Week 6 Video examples of informative/demonstrative standups
Week 7 5-shot sequences demo Matched action sequences – video examples
Week 9 Video examples of effective packages “How to End a Package” exercise
Week 10 The Knowledge Challenge,Audio editing and the ethics of altering reality
Week 11 Shooting standups – framing, background, placement, purpose, when and where to shoot
Week 12 Video examples of informative/demonstrative standups
Week 13 Newsroom lab shift expectations
Week 14 Time Management Tips Newsroom shifts/expectations
Week 15 Closing Remarks
Assessment Methods and Criteria Evaluation Tool Quantity Weight Alignment with LOs
Final Exam 1 30 1,2,3
Semester Evaluation Compenents
Project 1 15 1,2
project 2 10 4
project 3 10 3
Mid - term 25 1,2,3
***     ECTS Credit Calculation     ***
 Activity Hours Weeks Student Workload Hours Activity Hours Weeks Student Workload Hours
Lecture Hours 3 14 42 Project 1 3 3
Assignments 5 8 40 Assignments 5 8 40
Individual Learning 1 14 14 Final exam prep 10 4 40
        Total Workload Hours = 150
*T= Teaching, P= Practice ECTS Credit = 6
Course Academic Quality Assurance: Semester Student Survey Last Update Date: 06/11/2020
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