Electrical and Electronics Engineering I Cycle Curriculum

International University of Sarajevo, Department of Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program, I Cycle Curriculum (2018 - 2019)

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Abbreviations: T= Teaching, P= Practice, ECTS credit No. of Courses 42
Total Credits Required for Graduation 240 Minimum ECTS Credits for Applied / Practical Component of the Curriculum 138
Total Credits of Electives 75 Elective Ratio 31.25%
  • 7 Program Electives are taken from Table 3. At most 2 graduate level courses in EEE can be taken as program elective with academic advisor's approval.            
  • 2 Faculty Elective courses are taken from Table 2. Other junior or senior level courses in FENS can be taken with academic advisor's approval.                
  • 3 University Electives for a total of 12 ECTS credits can be taken from Table 1: University Elective Courses List.                            
  • 2 Language Elective courses are taken from the list of language courses provided (can not be the student's mother language).                        
  • 1 Free Elective courses are taken from any faculty or program.                                                 
  • This new curriculum is being implemented for the new freshman students who entered the freshman class in the year 2017 or after.                    
  • For the existing sophomore, junior and senior students, the Faculty Board will make plans for proper adaptation to the new curriculum.                    
  • In exceptional cases only, Faculty Council may make a decision for a student bypass a prerequisite for any course.                            
  • Work placement/Internship is typically practiced in summer for a period of at least 25 work days, totalling at least 150 hours.                        
Table 4: 

Program Electives for Electrical and Electronics Engineering

EE309Introduction to OptimizationMATH202 326
EE323Illumination TechniquesNS102 326
EE331Introduction to Communication Systems 336
EE332Electromagnetism IIENS201 326
EE334Information and Coding TheoryENS211 326
EE403Industrial Process InstrumentationEE305 326
EE412Motion Control SystemENS206 306
EE413Fundamentals of PhotonicsENS201 326
EE418Introduction to Machine Learning 326
EE422Power ElectronicsEE301 156
EE423High Voltage EngineeringEE321 , EE322 326
EE424Electrical Power Transmission and DistributionEE322 326
EE429Digital Power Systems ProtectionSenior Standing 326
EE430Control of Electrical DriversEE321 326
EE431Digital Signal ProcessingEE321 326
EE432Wireless and Mobile Communications 326
EE433Microwave EngineeringENS201 306
EE434Digital CommunicationsEE331 256
EE435Microprocessors-I 316
EE436Programmable Logic ControllersCS303 326
EE437Introduction to RoboticsSenior Standing 326
EE439Optimal FilteringMATH201 326
EE440Microprocessors IIEE435 256
EE442Antennas and Wave PropagationENS201 336
EE446Satellite Systems and Communications EE221 266
EE451Power System Stability EE322 326
EE453Power System Control and OptimizationEE322 326
EE454Electrical Power GenerationEE321 326
CS302Algorithms and Data StructuresCS105 , MATH204 326
CS304Computer ArchitectureCS105 326
CS305Programming LanguagesCS105 326
CS306Database ManagementCS105 326
CS307Operating SystemsCS304 326
CS308Software EngineeringCS105 326
CS309Advanced Logic DesignCS303 326
CS310Human Computer InteractionCS105 326
CS405Computer GraphicsCS302 , MATH201 326
SE308Communication Systems and NetworksCS105 326
CS412Web Application DevelopmentCS105 326
CS414Computer VisionMATH201 , CS103 326
CS415Pattern RecognitionMATH201 326
CS417Introduction to Data MiningCS302 326
EE432Wireless and Mobile Communications 326
CS427Computer and Network SecurityCS307 , SE308 326
  • EE422  is required for Electrical Power Engineering Path
  • EE436 is required for Electronics Engineering Path
  • Or Any new elective course offered later due to new technologies or new facilities
  • Strongly recommended that students take MAN303 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

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