Genetics and Bioengineering I Cycle Curriculum

International University of Sarajevo, Department of Natural Sciences
Genetics and Bioengineering Program, I Cycle Curriculum (2018 - 2019)

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Abbreviations: T= Teaching, P= Practice, ECTS credit No. of Courses 42
Total Credits Required for Graduation 240 Minimum ECTS Credits for Applied / Practical Component of the Curriculum 114
Total Credits of Electives 90 Elective Ratio 37.50%
  • 8 Program Electives are taken from Table 2. At most 2 graduate level courses in GBE can be taken as program elective with academic advisor's approval.
  • 2 Faculty Elective courses are taken from Table 3. Other junior or senior level courses in FENS can be taken with academic advisor's approval.
  • 3 University Electives for a total of 12 ECTS credits can be taken from Table 1: University Elective Courses List.
  • 2 Language Elective courses are taken from the list of language courses provided (can not be the student's mother language).
  • 2 Free Elective courses are taken from any faculty or program. 
  • (+) CS103 Introduction to Programming can also be taken instead of ENS213. See Table 1.
  • This new curriculum is being implemented for the new freshman students who entered the freshman class in the year 2017 or after.
  • For the existing sophomore, junior and senior students, the Faculty Board will make plans for proper adaptation to the new curriculum.
  • In exceptional cases only, Faculty Council may make a decision for a student bypass a prerequisite for any course.
  • Work placement/Internship is typically practiced in summer for a period of at least 25 work days, totalling at least 150 hours.
  • Junior standing: successfully completed at least 108 ECTS; Senior standing: successfully completed at least 168 ECTS.

Module Courses that need to be completed for concentration for the respective field.
The courses which are already required courses for GBE curriculum is shown as bold red color.

Table 3: 

Faculty Electives for Genetics and Bioengineering

CS105Advanced ProgrammingENS213 326
CS302Algorithms and Data StructuresCS105 , MATH204 326
CS308Software EngineeringCS105 326
CS412Web Application DevelopmentCS105 326
CS306Database ManagementCS105 326
ENS201Electromagnetism-IMATH101 306
ENS203Electrical Circuits I MATH101 326
ENS206Systems ModelingMATH202 326
ENS207Engineering Graphics 126
ENS208Introduction to Manufacturing SystemsMATH101 326
ENS209StaticsMATH101 326
ENS210Computational BiologyENS213 306
ENS211Signals and SystemsMATH102 326
ENS221Introduction to Engineering 306
ENS302Engineering OpticsNS102 326
NS203Physical Chemistry NS102 , NS104 06
NS211Analytical Chemistry NS104 316
NS307Introduction to Research Methods 316
MATH201Linear AlgebraMATH101 326
MATH204Discrete Mathematics MATH101 236
MATH205Numerical Analysis MATH101 306
MATH207Vector CalculusMATH101 336
MATH306Statistical ModelingMATH203 326
ME208Dynamics and VibrationsENS209 326
ME304Fluid MechanicsMATH202 326
ME306Heat and Mass TransferMATH202 326
ME301Engineering Project IJunior Standing 306
IE301Production Planning IMATH203 326
IE303Operations Research IMATH201 326
IE304Operations Research IIIE303 326
IE307Quality and Reliability EngineeringJunior Standing 326
IE408Project ManagementSenior Standing 226
EE201Analog Electronics IENS203 306
EE202Electrical Circuits IIENS203 336
EE305Instrumentation and MeasurementsENS203 326
EE311Control System DesignENS206 326
EE321Electrical MachinesEE202 326
EE322Power SystemsEE202 326

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