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Abbreviations: T= Teaching, P= Practice, ECTS credit No. of Courses 8
Total Credits Required for Graduation 0 Minimum ECTS Credits for Applied / Practical Component of the Curriculum 0
Total Credits of Electives 0 Elective Ratio 0.00%
  • 7 Program Electives are taken from Table 3. Other junior, senior or graduate level courses may be taken as program elective with Program Coordinator's consent.
  • 3 Free Elective courses are taken from any program in any faculty.
  • 2 University Electives are taken from Table 2.
  • 2 Language Elective courses are taken from the list of language courses provided (can not be the student's mother language).
  • In exceptional cases only, Faculty council may make a decision for a student bypass a prerequisite for any course.
  • Work placement/Internship is typically practiced in summer for a period of at least 25 work days, amounting to a minimum of 150 hours.
Table 3: 

Program Electives for International Business and Finance

IBF102Managerial MathematicsMATH100 326
IBF207Behavioral FinanceJunior Standing 306
IBF304Risk and Insurance ECON221 306
IBF306Public FinanceJunior Standing 306
IBF312MicrofinanceJunior Standing 306
IBF313Understanding Emerging Markets Junior Standing 306
IBF314Financial Instruments Analysis and ModellingIBF208 316
IBF315Equity Instruments and Business ValuationJunior Standing 306
IBF403Multinational Corporation and Process of GlobalizationJunior Standing 306
IBF405International BankingJunior Standing 306
IBF410Real Estate MarketsJunior Standing 306
IBF411Commodity DerivativesECON221 , IBF208 326
IBF412Financial Risk ManagementECON221 , IBF208 326
IBF414Bond Market Pricing and Trading Strategies ECON221 , IBF208 326
IBF415R Language for Business and Finance 326
IBF417Advanced Futures and Options ECON221 , IBF208 326
IBF418Mergers and AcquisitionsJunior Standing 306
IBF419Financial Derivates and SimulationsECON221 , IBF208 326
IBF462International Corporate FinanceJunior Standing 306
IBF491Graduation ProjectLast Semester 02812
ECON200History of Economic ThoughtECON112 306
ECON204International Political Economy 306
ECON261Matrix AlgebraMATH100 326
ECON301Econometrics IECON221 326
ECON302Econometrics IIECON301 326
ECON305Economic HistoryJunior Standing 306
ECON320Public EconomicsECON111 306
ECON330Industrial OrganizationECON201 306
ECON350Financial Institutions and MarketsECON112 306
ECON355Time Series AnalysisECON221 326
ECON367Environmental EconomicsECON111 306
ECON430Growth and DevelopmentECON202 306
ECON454Islamic EconomicsECON112 306
ECON455Labor EconomicsECON111 306
ECON462Comparative Economic SystemsECON112 306
IR213International Issues in the BalkansIR101 316
IR214International LawIR101 316
IR215EU SystemIR101 316
IR307Contemporary International PoliticsIR101 316
IR305International OrganisationsIR101 316
IR467Energy SecuritySenior Standing 306
IR471Economic DiplomacySenior Standing 306
MAN218Personal FinanceJunior Standing 306
MAN302Human Resource ManagementMAN102 306
MAN303Entrepreneurship and Small Business ManagementMAN102 306
MAN304Organizational BehaviorMAN102 306
MAN305Organization TheoryMAN102 306
MAN328Sales ManagementMAN205 306
MAN331Contemporary ManagementMAN102 306
MAN332Business Law 306
MAN345Organizational LeadershipMAN102 306
MAN371The Principles of Travel and TourismJunior Standing 306
MAN402Strategic ManagementMAN102 306
MAN406Innovation ManagementJunior Standing 306
MAN409Operations ManagementJunior Standing 306
MAN434Business CommunicationELIT200 306
MAN442E-BusinessJunior Standing 306
MAN445Customer Relationship ManagementMAN102 306
MAN446Service MarketingMAN205 306
MAN453Project ManagementJunior Standing 306
MAN454Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementJunior Standing 306
IE407Management Information SystemsSenior Standing 226
MAN464Advertising ManagementMAN205 306
  • 5xx level ECON, MAN or IBF courses as well as IE program courses at IUS can be taken as program elective with the consent of the Program Coordinator.
  • Junior standing: The students must have completed at least 108 ECTS successfully.
  • Senior standing: The students must have completed at least 168 ECTS successfully. 

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