CFD-based Assessment of Thermal Energy Storage in Phase-Change Materials - (PCM)

TitleCFD-based Assessment of Thermal Energy Storage in Phase-Change Materials - (PCM)
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsTorlak, M, Delalić, N, Durakovic, B, Gavranovic, H
Conference NameInternational Energy Technologies Conference Proceedings 2014- ENTECH'2014,
Date Published December, 2014
Place PublishedIstanbul, Turkey
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number 978-605-5120-98-6

Process of thermal energy storage in a phase-change material (PCM) for two different applications: (a) indoor temperature control using PCM-filled window, and (b) a simple PCM-filled coil heat exchanger for portable thermal battery, is analyzed using numerical simulations based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Mathematical model of phase change is solved on unstructured computational grids. It includes calculation of liquid-phase flow and heat transfer involving latent heat of the storage material. Primarily, history and spatial distribution of temperature, heat transfer rate and solid-phase fraction variation during the melting, as well as charging/discharging times are observed. Accompanying experimental work is also started, in order to verify the numerical results.