Destructive Deviance in Organizational Behavior

TitleDestructive Deviance in Organizational Behavior
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsRidic, O, Aido, AWahab
Conference NameX. European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences
Number of Volumes2
Date Published05/2016
PublisherInternational University of Sarajevo (IUS), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), IASSR
Place PublishedSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Publication Languageeng

The regular occurrences and costs associated with abnormal conducts in the organizations have made the study into this field inevitable. Recently, the number of reported cases of unethical and deviant practices in organizations have encouraged us to embark on further research into this field. Deviant behavior in the workplace has been divided into two forms, that is, constructive and destructive deviant behaviors. Constructive deviant behavior is seen as unethical behavior that draws positive outcome, such as whistle-blowing. Destructive deviant behavior, on the other hand, is seen as unethical behavior that draws negative outcome, such as deception and stealing.The research problem of this peer-review article is to review the causes and effects of destructive behavior in organizations.Social disintegration, loss of capital and human skills are some of the recognized outcomes of destructive deviant behavior. For the methodology of this study article, secondary sources of data weredrawn from peer-review articles and literature. The data (from books, internet publications, journal articles, and etc.) was analyzed to elicit conclusion and offer recommendations for future studies. This research concludes that the occurrence of deviant behavior imparts a chain of worrying negative outcome into the workplace. The underlying effect is a reduction in the job performance of workers. Evidence of these negative outcomes is eminent if management fails to establish the necessary policy and procedure to curb the activators of this phenomena.