‘I am the God of My Own Tribe:’ Weinstein and Islam

Title‘I am the God of My Own Tribe:’ Weinstein and Islam
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2014
Book TitleMichael A. Weinstein: Action, Contemplation, Vitality.
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsKaminski, J
EditorRubenstein, D, Oprisko, R
Place PublishedNew York
ISBN Number978-1138013087

This book explores the oeuvre of Michael Weinstein, one of the greatest political philosophers in contemporary American and continental thought. The essays are divided between inspirational pieces that illuminate the links between Weinstein and authors within the canon of political theory and reflective pieces that use Weinstein's substantial writings to push the literature forward. The collection as a whole is intended not only to argue for a reengagement with both existential-phenomenology and vitalism, but also to suggest that Weinstein belongs in the canon of poststructural political thought.

Divided into two parts, experts begin by looking to the past to the philosophical roots of Weinstein's critical vitalism. By linking Weinstein to thinkers such as Thoreau, Stirner, and James, the authors provide the foundation for Weinstein as straddling both the American and continental philosophical traditions. In the second part, they push Weinstein's work forward in considering the breadth of Weinstein's influence. From Pathak's examination of lived v. perceived authenticity to Kroker's exploration of the demise of American posthumanity and Oprisko's blending of philosophy with physics to argue for a social string theory, Weinstein's influence pushes boundaries and refuses to accept any status quo.

Original and insightful, this book is a valuable and major contribution to the fields of continental and American philosophy, existentialism, phenomenology, social theory, political theory, anarchist theory, and vitalism.

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