IOT Application for Smart Cities Data Storage and Processing Based on Triangulation Method

TitleIOT Application for Smart Cities Data Storage and Processing Based on Triangulation Method
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2020
Date PublishedMay/2020
Book TitleInternet of Things (IoT)
Publication LanguageEnglish
AuthorsSaracevic, MH, Plojovic, S, Busatlic, S
PublisherSpringer, Cham
Place PublishedSpringer Nature Switzerland AG 2020
ISBN Number978-3-030-37467-9
Other Numbers978-3-030-37468-6
KeywordsData storage and processing, GIS, IoT, Java programing, Optimal triangulation, Smart cities

This chapter presents the possibilities of applying the triangulation method in the IoT application for smart cities data storage and processing. The chapter includes a method in field of computational geometry (specifically polygon triangulation as a fundamental algorithm in computational geometry). The implementation of the application was done with two modules. Proposed first module has a storage function and collecting data in a smart city space, while the second module has a function of data processing and finding the minimum triangulation in the smart city space. The method is derived using triangulation and properties of Catalan numbers. The process of storing the coordinates of points using the Ballot method (walk on the integer lattice) is given. Due to its exceptional efficiency in terms of launching programs on various computer architectures and operating systems, Java programming language (Net Beans environment) enables an efficient implementation of our method. In experimental research, we tested a proposed solution based on the application of the triangulation method using the Ballot notation (for data storage) and minimal triangulation (for data processing).

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