Mindfulness and Spiritual Intelligence as predictors of Depression and Anxiety

TitleMindfulness and Spiritual Intelligence as predictors of Depression and Anxiety
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
Date PublishedApril
Conference NameSixth Sarajevo Days of Psychology
Publication LanguageEnglish
AuthorsAydın, O, Ünal-Aydın, P, Arslan, Y
Place PublishedSarajevo

The goal of thisstudy was to examine the effects of mindfulness (MF) and spiritual intelligence (SI) as predictors of depression and anxiety, the most frequent manifestations of mental disorders – among 184 Turkish participants of diverse ages, predominantly students, living in Istanbul and Sarajevo. Four instruments were administered either directly or via web-based services: Scale for Spiritual Intelligence (SSI, Kumar & Mehta), Hospital anxiety and depression scale (HADS, Zigmond & Snaith), Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire – Short Form (FFMQ-S, Baer et al.) and Sociodemographic Information Form. Through the use of linear regression analysis, Actaware (b = -.19, p ≤ .001), Nonjudge (b = .22, p ≤ .001), Nonreact (b = -.19, p ≤ .001) subscales of FFMQ-S were found to be negative predictors for depression and anxiety, whereas, Self-understanding subscale of SSI was not significant. Although our findings suggest that spiritual intelligence is not significant in prediction of depression and anxiety, our research provides empirical evidence for the link between MF and depression and anxiety, which may be useful for further improvements in the scope of current interventions.

Refereed DesignationRefereed