“Modern architecture and Mediterranean Context”

Title“Modern architecture and Mediterranean Context”
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2012
Date Published12/2012
Conference NameCAUMME 2012, Global Impacts and Local Challenges
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsZoranic, A
PublisherFaculty of Architecture, Yildiz University
Place PublishedIstanbul
ISSN Number978-975-461-493-0

The modern way of living alienated us from natural environment, cultural, historical and traditional heritage as well from other people. Contemporary materialistic spirit and way of living imposed a sense of existence and had an essential impact on the architecture. This sequence of events had a series of consequences that we feel with more and more intensity, and then we become aware of the necessity of a change in thinking and behavior. Construction in accordance with the immediate and present context minimizes negative impacts on the environment which becomes imperative to explore and should seek for. Maturation of the idea of ​​ harmonious and sustainable building is possible through a research of the traditional construction in the past with modern treatment and positive findings from the present.With its appearance modern architecture has brought revolutionary changes in the understanding of what house should provide to the user by insisting on transparency, sunshine, open plan, organization and orientation of space. Quality achievements of modern architecture in many cases lean on purity of forming, rationalism and functionality of vernacular traditions of the Mediterranean. According to stated facts, contextualization of contemporary architecture in the Mediterranean can be based on the philosophy of modern design with compliance of the all specifics of every particular location followed by principles of ecological sustainability.The paper use studies of relevant authors and thoughts of famous architects to affirm contextual thinking and find their establishments in a numerous of recent examples some of which are presented in this study.