A molecular biologist’s view on halal food authenticity

TitleA molecular biologist’s view on halal food authenticity
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2019
Date Published29.11.2018
Conference NameWorld Halal Summit 2018, Istanbul Turkey
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsArslan, A

As food production and supply has become complex and industrialized, assuring halal authenticity in the modern world has become a very challenging issue. Are Muslim communities prepared for this? This is an overview and opinion paper about the current state of halal product authenticity testing by molecular biology tools with a special emphasis on meat products. In this context, assurance of halal authenticity in the modern world is also discussed. Author suggests that besides to detection of alcohol or DNA testing for species identification, other factors such as use of pesticides, antibiotics, endocrine disrupting chemicals have to be taken into the spectrum for halal authenticity testing. Moreover, publicly available, standardized protocols for authenticity testing have to be developed with the guidance of comparative data. In line with these, identification, prioritization and public funding of the research problems addressing these issues are required in order to stimulate scientific research in these directions which will eventually guide public policy and implementation bodies.

(invited speaker http://www.worldhalalsummit.com.tr/en/speakers-2018/ )