Reading Rights and Responsibilities

TitleReading Rights and Responsibilities
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
Date PublishedDecembar, 2014
JournalPinnacle Educational Research & Development ISSN: 2360-9494
Type of ArticleBook chapter review
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsMulalic, A, Cemanovic, N

Abstract:The authors of the reviewed chapter, Eve Bearne and Gabrielle Cliff Hodges, tackle upon reading rights as a basic principle of an individual, often neglected by the scholars. That principle should be the moving force of the entire teaching/learning process because if those rights are respected and implied then both the teacher and school system can more easily render motivation which is the primary factor in student's achievement. Teachers can motivate their students in various ways and meta-language is one of them. By reflecting upon Bearne and Hodges's article, this review will account for the importance of teaching/learning reading and it will provide suggestions for fostering motivation in classes focused on reading.