Sarajevo Parking System: Real-Time Parking Management System

TitleSarajevo Parking System: Real-Time Parking Management System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2023
Date Published06/2023
Conference Name3rd International Conference on Intelligence Based Transformations of Technology and Business Trends (ICITTBT) Shaping The Future: Multidisciplinary approaches to digitalization and economic growth
Publication LanguageEnglish
AuthorsBećirović, F, Imamović, F, Ćurovac, E, Sağir, Z
KeywordsSmart Cities; Digital Transformation; Traffic; Parking; Congestion; Software

Modern cities in Europe and the World face many challenges that are caused by growth, both
economic and population. To overcome these challenges it is necessary to integrate advanced technologies into
our cities, as well as wider society, through the process of digital transformations that will lead to evolution of
the better, smart cities. One challenge that is encountered by Sarajevo, capital and largest city in Bosnia and
Herzegovina is lack of available parking space. Possible solution to this problem is considered in this paper.
The implemented solution of the issue requires the development of a well-integrated Application
Programming Interface, that will be connected to the sensors installed at the parking spaces. Furthermore, the
solution includes a mobile application that will communicate with the API and allow the users of the
application to gain insight relating to the car-parks that are implementing sensors and are registered to the API,
in particular the users will be able to view exact location of the car-park, and get instructions on how to reach
a particular car-park. Furthermore, the users will be able to see the number of available parking spaces at
particular car-park, place reservation for a parking space, as well as pay for the parking services through the
mobile application. This paper posits that this solution will allow drivers, and parking users, to find parking
space more easily, thus reducing time spent in vehicle searching for suitable parking, and thus increase their
productivity and improve their overall experience of driving in urban areas, as well as facilitation of
transactions between parking users and parking operators. The implementation of this system has the potential
to improve monitoring and manageability of parking spaces which in turn may vastly improve parking
availability in Sarajevo

Refereed DesignationRefereed