TV Series and Viewers Personality Traits, A Case Study Survey: IUS Students in April – May 2015

TitleTV Series and Viewers Personality Traits, A Case Study Survey: IUS Students in April – May 2015
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
Conference NameEDUCATION, CULTURE AND IDENTITY: New Trends and Challenges in Today’s Europe
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsLejla Panjeta, Hasanagic, A, Amila, R
PublisherInternational University of Sarajevo
ISBN Number978-9958-896-25-5
KeywordsBig Five, personality traits, rating, TV series

The focus of this research was to establish the correlation between personality traits andrating of popular TV series. Genesis and inherent features of today’s popular TV series areconnected according to the IMDB genre classification and sale production reports. The researchwill also address the effects of favorite series choices in relation to differences between, gender,age, faculty program, and nationality (based on the case study sample survey: IUS students inApril-May 2015). Preliminary survey is performed to establish which of the TV serials are themost popular and have the highest rating among the population of students at IUS. Participantswere 138 students from IUS. As instruments we used Big Five personality questionnaire andquestionnaire for measuring the serials that students watch. Results showed that there is nostatistically significant correlation between personality traits and choosing series to watch, exceptin category of neuroticism where results showed that there is statistically significant correlationbetween neuroticism and category what they watch when they are bored. Also, results showedthat there is no statistically significant difference between males and females and choosing seriesto watch, except in category of series that they do not miss an episode, where results showed thatthere is statistically significant difference between genders and choosing series that they do notmiss an episode. Results also showed that there is no statistically significant difference betweenage and choosing series to watch. There is also no statistically significant difference betweenfaculty programs and nationality.