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M. Ganić, The Transmission of European Debt Crisis on the Region of Western Balkans: Some Stylized Facts, Electronic International Interdisciplinary Conference 2012. Institution of the University of Zilina, Zilina, Slovak Republic, pp. 231-237, 2012.
M. Ganić, Current problems and issues affecting the development of Capital market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, The 3rd International Summit of Istanbul Economists, Entrepreneurship Innovation & Economic development, 3 vol. İKDER - ISTANBUL ASSOCIATION OF ECONOMISTS, Istanbul, Turkey, pp. 157-171, 2011.
M. Ganić, The Investment Fund industry in Federation of B&H, International Conference – Business development in 2011. Ekonomski fakultet Univerziteta u Zenici, Zenica, B&H, pp. 263-276, 2011.
M. Ganić, Economic Disturbances and Business Fluctuations In Economy Of Bosnia And Herzegovina – The Ongoing Story, “EUROPEAN CONFERENCE IN TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY” EuroTecS-2013. International University of Sarajevo , Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina .