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S. Plojovic, Busatlic, S., and Plojovic, S., THE POSSIBILITIES OF THE APPLICATION OF ICT IN THE FUNCTION OF THE PROMOTION OF THE TOURIST POTENTIAL OF SERBIA, 9th International Symposium on Natural Resources Management, Zajecar, Serbia. Faculty of Management, Zajecar, Megatrend University, Belgrade , Zajecar, Serbija, 2019.
S. Plojovic, Ujkanovic, E., Busatlic, S., and Ridic, O., PERCEPTION OF THE FACTORS OF ENTERING INTO A BUSINESS VENTURE IN RELATION TO THE LENGTH OF DEALING WITH ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS, Univerzitetska misao, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 173-191., 2014.
S. Plojovic, Plojovic, S., Ujkanovic, E., and Busatlic, S., Possibilities of imporving resource management in companies by applying information and communication technologies, University journal of Information Technology (UNIT), http://unite.edu.rs/vol/vol.1-no.1-Articles/Vol.1-No.1-Article7.pdf , vol. Volume 1, Number 1 , 2014.