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A. Smajovic, 2014 VACD festival,Visual Art and Communication Design,IUS Sarajevo. p. Jury memberships, 2014.
B. Vekić, 7th ERL Conference poster. IUS, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2023.
B. Vekić, Adeona. Prints & Crafts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2022.
Aga Khan Award for Architecture. p. Project Islamic cemetery Altach, in Austria, designed by architect Bernardo Bader from Vorarlberg, and Dr. Azra Akšamija profess, 2013.
L. Jasarevic, Jasarevic, A., and Teparic, M., Alterium. 2020.
A. Smajovic, Annual Art Exhibition of IUS Professors and Assistant. 2014.
B. Vekić, Bajke starih vremena. 2021.
M. Yasir Göz, Bridges and People - Exhibition. Institute Yunus Emre, International Univeristy of Sarajevo, 2022.
B. Vekić, Čarobna kutija. 2021.
B. Vekić, Čarobni sat. 2021.
Chinese Calligraphy workshop. 2019, 2019.
Contemporary Contexts: Re-imagining Socialist Imgaes, (or. Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina & University of Arts London, King Collage London), Historical Museum B&H, Sarajevo. 2019.
B. Sumer and Göz, M. Yasir, Corner Talks Logo Design. 2021.
B. Sumer and Göz, M. Yasir, Corporate identity of the VACD Department. 2022.
B. Sumer, Cover Design of Epiphany - Journal of Transdisciplinary Studies Vol14 No 2 (2021), vol. 14. 2021.
A. Smajovic, Design carpets for the Ministry of Defence BH. 2014.
A. Pervan, Do Not Say They Are Dead. Sigma Tau Delta 2019 International Convention, St. Louis, USA, 2019.
Enthusiasm for Big Illusions. 2019.
Exhibition "Ramart Platform", curated by Beste Gursu, The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, Istanbul, Turkey. 2019.
M. Teparic, The exhibition "Recite Melihi sta je na srcu?!" , Historical MuSeum Sarajevo. 2020.
A. Smajovic, exhibition, Svega za ponijet. Gallery Java , Sarajevo, 2013.
B. Vekić, Hastahana. 2021.
B. Vekić, Higijenski. 2021.
A. Smajovic, individual exhibition, Life style. p. City art gallery Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, 2013.
B. Sumer and Göz, M. Yasir, IUS Wolves – Jersey Design. 2021.
Jury members for the exhibition of ULUPUBIH . Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, 2015.
B. Vekić, Kofer zaboravljene ljubavi. Prints & Crafts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2022.
B. Vekić, Košmar. 2021.
B. Vekić, Kule u pijesku. 2022.
B. Vekić, Maska. 2021.
B. Vekić, Mišolovka. Narodno pozorište Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2023.
B. Sumer and Göz, M. Yasir, Multimedia design of VACD, Visual identity of VACD in Youtube Platform. 2022.
B. Vekić, Naličje snova. Prints & Crafts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2022.
B. Vekić, Nijanse Vremena. Prints & Crafts, Belgrade, Serbia, 2022.