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A. Smajovic, 2014 VACD festival,Visual Art and Communication Design,IUS Sarajevo. p. Jury memberships, 2014.
Aga Khan Award for Architecture. p. Project Islamic cemetery Altach, in Austria, designed by architect Bernardo Bader from Vorarlberg, and Dr. Azra Akšamija profess, 2013.
A. Smajovic, Annual Art Exhibition of IUS Professors and Assistant. 2014.
A. Smajovic, Design carpets for the Ministry of Defence BH. 2014.
A. Smajovic, exhibition, Svega za ponijet. Gallery Java , Sarajevo, 2013.
A. Smajovic, individual exhibition, Life style. p. City art gallery Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, 2013.
Book Chapter
A. Smajovic, The Heritage Aspects and Efforts to Preserve the Authenticity and Tradition of Bosnian Traditional Art, in Features, Characteristics and Cultural and Economic Contribution of Arts and Handicrafts, vol. 350, pages 113-120 vol., Istanbul : Ircica, 2014.
A. Smajovic, "Make your" / "Make it Yours!", in guide for high school, 2015th ed., Sarajevo: For Foundation of Cultural Heritage without Borders , 2015.
Conference Paper
A. Smajovic, The heritage aspect and efforts to preserve the authenticity and tradition in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, in Tehran International Congress on: Features, Characteristics and Cultural and Economic Contribution of Arts and Handicrafts Tehran, Iran, 2013.
A. Smajovic, Motifs on Neolithic ceramics of Butmir style, Early Neolith, in International Research Congress on Social Sciences” , International University of Sarajevo , 2015.
A. Smajovic, “ Srebrenica Genocide in the Works of Artists”, in International Conference on Education, Culture and Identity, International University of Sarajevo., 2013.
Newspaper Article
A. Smajovic, Uloga ćilima u oblikovanju sakralnog, svetog prostora, Preporod, vol. 80, Sarajevo, 2015.
A. Smajovic, Zastava arapskog revolta, Doktorskog studija iz Komunikologije sa Fakulteta političkih nauka Univerziteta u Sarajevu , 2014.