Social and Political Sciences I Cycle Curriculum

International University of Sarajevo, Department of Social Sciences
Social and Political Sciences Program, I Cycle Curriculum (2018 - 2019)

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Abbreviations: T= Teaching, P= Practice, ECTS credit No. of Courses 42
Total Credits Required for Graduation 240 Minimum ECTS Credits for Applied / Practical Component of the Curriculum 90
Total Credits of Electives 78 Elective Ratio 32.50%
  • 5 Program Electives are taken from junior, senior or graduate level courses in IR, HIST, LAW, POLS or SOC, a sample list is given below.
  • 3 Free Elective courses are taken from any program in any faculty. 
  • 3 University Electives are taken from SPS University Elective Courses List
  • 2 Language Elective courses are taken from the list of language courses provided (can not be the student's mother language).
  • 2 Faculty courses are taken from any programs at FASS apart from SPS program.
  • This new curriculum is being implemented for the new freshman students who entered the freshman class in the year 2017 or after.
  • In exceptional cases only, Faculty council may make a decision for a student bypass a prerequisite for any course.
  • Work placement/Internship is typically practiced in summer for a period of at least 25 work days, totalling at least 200 hours.
  • Junior standing: The students must have completed at least 108 ECTS successfully. 
  • Senior standing: The students must have completed at least 168 ECTS successfully. 
Table 3: 

Program Electives for Social and Political Sciences

POLS223Nations, Ethnicities and Ideologies 306
POLS401Philosophical Approaches to ModernitySenior Standing 306
POLS410Politics in the Middle EastSenior Standing 306
POLS412Issues in Turkish PoliticsSenior Standing 306
HIST221Early Ottoman History 306
HIST222Late Ottoman History 306
HIST304History of World ReligionsSenior Standing 226
HIST313History of the Middle EastJunior Standing 226
HIST331Early Islamic HistoryJunior Standing 226
HIST361History of the United StatesJunior Standing 226
SOC311Sociology of ReligionJunior Standing 306
SOC314Sociology of Everyday LifeJunior Standing 316
SOC321Urban SociologyJunior Standing 306
SOC410Community StudiesJunior Standing 306
SOC412Multiculturalism and Social ChangeJunior Standing 306
CULT310Bosnian Cultural Heritage IJunior Standing 316
CULT311Bosnian Cultural Heritage IIJunior Standing 316
IR211International Relations TheoriesIR101 316
IR212Politics in EuropeIR101 316
IR213International Issues in the BalkansIR101 316
IR216Foreign Policy AnalysisIR101 316
IR301Political Geography and GeopoliticsIR101 316
IR305International OrganisationsIR101 316
IR331Diplomatic HistoryJunior Standing 316
IR333Turkish Foreign PolicyJunior Standing 306
IR334US Foreign PolicyJunior Standing 306
IR337Russian and Post-Soviet PoliticsJunior Standing 306
IR339Latin America in World PoliticsJunior Standing 306
IR461Conflict AnalysisSenior Standing 306
IR462Ethnicity and Ethnic ConflictsSenior Standing 306
IR463Migration, Refugees and DiasporasSenior Standing 306
IR464Studies in GenocideSenior Standing 306
IR472Human RightsSenior Standing 306
IR476 Global Environmental IssuesSenior Standing 306

Other 2xx, 3xx, 4xx or 5xx level courses from other programs at IUS can be taken as program elective with the consent of the Program Coordinator

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