Course Title Course Holder Teaching Mode Delivery Academic Unit
ARCH100 Introduction to Architectural Design Ahmed Obralić Hybrid / blended Architecture
ARCH101 Basic Design Communication Alma Hudović Kljuno Hybrid / blended Architecture
ARCH102 History of Architecture I Carl Haddrell Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH106 Introduction to Building Technology Tomasz Malec Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH107 Understanding Art and Architecture TBA TBA Architecture
ARCH108 Introduction to Architectural Design II Lamila Simišić Pašić Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH109 Basic Design Communication II Alma Hudović Kljuno Hybrid / blended Architecture
ARCH110 Freehand Drawing Tarek El-Akkad Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH201 Architectural Design Studio I Tarek El-Akkad Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH202 Architectural Design Studio II Ahmed Obralić Hybrid / blended Architecture
ARCH203 Building Services I Leila Krivosic TBA Architecture
ARCH204 Structural Design I Edin Jahic Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH207 ?? TBA TBA Architecture
ARCH208 Architectural Communication Leila Krivosic Online Architecture
ARCH209 History of Architecture III TBA Online Architecture
ARCH210 Structural Design II TBA Online Architecture
ARCH211 Building Services II TBA Online Architecture
ARCH216 Introduction to CAD Carl Haddrell Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH217 History of Architecture II Tarek El-Akkad Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH302 Urban Design and Planning Adi Ćorović Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH303 Architectural Design Studio III TBA Hybrid / blended Architecture
ARCH304 Architectural Design Studio IV Adnan Zoranic Online Architecture
ARCH307 Sustainable Design TBA Hybrid / blended Architecture
ARCH308 Urban History TBA Online Architecture
ARCH311 Materials in Architecture TBA Online Architecture
ARCH312 Building Construction Edin Jahic Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH352 Bioclimatic Architecture Tarek El-Akkad TBA Architecture
ARCH353 Self Study Design Project TBA TBA Architecture
ARCH354 New Design in Old Settings Adnan Zoranic Face-to-face Architecture
ARCH355 Advanced Urban Design TBA TBA Architecture