Course Title Course Holder Teaching Mode Delivery Academic Unit ECTS
ARCH100 Introduction to Architectural Design Ahmed Obralić Face-to-face Architecture 6
ARCH101 Basic Design Communication Alma Hudović Kljuno Hybrid / blended Architecture 6
ARCH102 History of Architecture I Carl Haddrell Face-to-face Architecture 6
ARCH106 Introduction to Building Technology Tomasz Malec Face-to-face Architecture 6
ARCH107 Understanding Art and Architecture TBA TBA Architecture 3
ARCH108 Introduction to Architectural Design II Lamila Simišić Pašić Face-to-face Architecture 6
ARCH109 Basic Design Communication II Alma Hudović Kljuno Hybrid / blended Architecture 3
ARCH110 Freehand Drawing Tarek El-Akkad Face-to-face Architecture 3
ARCH201 Architectural Design Studio I Tarek El-Akkad Face-to-face Architecture 12
ARCH202 Architectural Design Studio II Ahmed Obralić Face-to-face Architecture 12
ARCH203 Building Services I Leila Krivosic TBA Architecture 4
ARCH204 Structural Design I Edin Jahic Face-to-face Architecture 4
ARCH207 ?? TBA TBA Architecture
ARCH208 Architectural Communication Leila Krivosic Online Architecture 6
ARCH209 History of Architecture III TBA Online Architecture 4
ARCH210 Structural Design II TBA Online Architecture 4
ARCH211 Building Services II TBA Online Architecture 4
ARCH216 Introduction to CAD Carl Haddrell Face-to-face Architecture 4
ARCH217 History of Architecture II Tarek El-Akkad Face-to-face Architecture 6
ARCH302 Urban Design and Planning Adi Ćorović Face-to-face Architecture 6
ARCH303 Architectural Design Studio III TBA Hybrid / blended Architecture 12
ARCH304 Architectural Design Studio IV Adnan Zoranic Online Architecture 12
ARCH307 Sustainable Design TBA Hybrid / blended Architecture 4
ARCH308 Urban History TBA Online Architecture 4
ARCH311 Materials in Architecture TBA Online Architecture 4
ARCH312 Building Construction Edin Jahic Face-to-face Architecture 4
ARCH313 Building Construction I TBA TBA Architecture 4
ARCH352 Bioclimatic Architecture Tarek El-Akkad TBA Architecture 4
ARCH353 Self Study Design Project TBA TBA Architecture 4
ARCH354 New Design in Old Settings Adnan Zoranic Face-to-face Architecture 4