SPS503 Intellectual History of Europe

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Course Code Course Title Weekly Hours* ECTS Weekly Class Schedule
SPS503 Intellectual History of Europe 2 2 6 FRI 17:00-19:50
Prerequisite None It is a prerequisite to


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Course Objectives This course analyzes major intellectual developments in Europe within socio-political and historical contexts. The course discusses major philosophers and scholars and analyzing their monumental works.
Textbook Richard Tarnas. The Passion of the Western Mind. London: Pimilico Press. 2010.
Additional Literature
Learning Outcomes After successful  completion of the course, the student will be able to:
  1. identify and use both primary and secondary sources on the history of Europe
  2. analyze European history in socio-political and historical contexts
  3. apply critical thinking skills as to identify major intellectual and cultural movements in European history
  4. conduct research on current issues in European history
  5. examine important features of European thought such as logical positivism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, existentialism and poststructuralism
  6. discuss, analyze and debate the renaissance, reformation, absolutism, explorations, enlightenment, revolutions, world wars, rise of ideologies and modern science and technology
Teaching Methods This course employs a range of teaching and learning methods such as lecturing, written assignments, presentations, reading analysis and group debates.
Teaching Method Delivery Teaching Method Delivery Notes
Week 1 Course Introduction
Week 2 The Greco-Roman Worldview: The Foundations of Western Civilization pp. 1-96
Week 3 The Christian Worldview: The City of God pp. 97-178
Week 4 The Medieval Worldview: The Scholastic Awakening pp. 185-214
Week 5 The Rebirth of Classical Humanism: Renaissance and Reformation pp. 225-265
Week 6 The Secularization of Knowledge: The Scientific Revolution pp. 266-291
Week 8 The Philosophical Revolution pp. 291-320
Week 9 The Triumph of Secularism pp. 321-348
Week 10 The Transformation of Modern Era: Locke, Hume and Kant pp. 349-381
Week 11 The Crisis of Modern Science pp. 382-394
Week 12 Romanticism and Postmodernism pp. 395-445
Week 13 An Assessment of European Intellectual History pp. 446-474
Week 14 Presentations
Assessment Methods and Criteria Evaluation Tool Quantity Weight Alignment with LOs
Final Exam 1 40 LO1-LO6
Semester Evaluation Compenents
Research Paper 1 15 LO4, LO5, LO6
Mid-term Exam 1 20 LO2, LO5, LO6
Presentation 1 15 LO2, LO4, LO6
Participation 1 10 LO6, LO2
***     ECTS Credit Calculation     ***
 Activity Hours Weeks Student Workload Hours Activity Hours Weeks Student Workload Hours
Lecture Hours 3 14 42 Research Paper 3 2 6
Participation 2 7 14 Home Study 2 14 28
Mid-term exam 17 1 17 Final Exam 23 1 23
Presentation 10 2 20
        Total Workload Hours = 150
*T= Teaching, P= Practice ECTS Credit = 6
Course Academic Quality Assurance: Semester Student Survey Last Update Date: 06/11/2020
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