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CS412 Web Application Development
Duckett, J. (2011). HTML & CSS: Design and build websites. Indianapolis: John Wiley & Sons. Duckett, J., Ruppert, G., & Moore, J. (2014). JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive front-end web development. Indianapolis: John Wiley & Sons. Welling, L. &Thomson L. (2001). PHP and MySQL Web Development. Indiana: Sams.
CS414 Computer Vision
Digital Image Processing, Gonzales R.C., 4th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2019
CS417 Introduction to Data Mining
Introduction to Data Mining, Pang Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach, Vipin Kumar, Pearson, 2005.
CS420 Network Programming
William Stallings <strong>Data and Computer Communications</strong> (10th ed)
CS498 Special Topics in Computer Science I
This course does not have a single all encompassing textbook. This is due to a very heterogenous set of skills and concepts needed for computer aided data engineering and analysis. We will use two books that can be used as a reference source: 1. "R for Data Science" - G. Grolemund, H. Wickham, O'Reillly Jan. 2017, First edition (available online under 2. "Advanced R" - H. Wickham, Sept. 2014., Chapman and Hall/CRC; 1 edition (available online
CS511 Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (Third Edition), Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, Prentice Hall, 1994.
CULT533 Bosnian Cultural Heritage
1. Imamovic, Mustafa. 2006. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Evolution of Its Political and Legal Institutions, edited by Francine Friedman, translated by Saba Risaluddin. Sarajevo: “Magistrat” Sarajevo. 2. Malcolm, Noel. 2002. Bosnia: A Short History. London: Pan. 3. Carmichael, Cathie. 2015. A Concise History of Bosnia. Cambridge Concise Histories, London: Cambridge University Press. 4. Alzahrani, Damna A. 2013. “The Adoption of a Standard Definition of Cultural Heritage”, International Journal of Social Science and Humanity, 3 (1): 9-12. 5. Gavranović, Mario, and Ajla Sejfuli. 2018. “Early Iron Age in Central Bosnia – an overview and research perspectives”, Godišnjak/Jahrbuch. No. 47: 27–44. DOI: 10.5644/Godisnjak.CBI.ANUBiH-47.101. 6. Busuladzic, Adnan. 2011. Roman Villas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo: Zemaljski Muzej Bosne i Hercegovine. 7. Marian Wenzel. A Bosnian Kingdom Metalworking Tradition. 8. 9. Buturovic, A. 2002. Stone speaker: medieval tombs, landscape, and Bosnian identity in the poetry of Mak Dizdar, translated by Francis R Jones, Hampshire: Palgrave. 10. Walasek, Helen. 2017. Bosnia and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage. London: Routledge. 11. Gorana Ognjenovic, Jasna Jozelić. 2014. Politicization of Religion, the Power of Symbolism: The Case of Former Yugoslavia and Its Successor States. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.
ECON105 Understanding Business
Ebert, R. J. & Griffin, R. W. (2013). Business Essentials. (9th ed.). Pearson Publishing.
ECON107 Python
“Starting out with Python”, Tony Gaddis, Pearson Education, 2015.
ECON111 Introduction to Microeconomics
Mankiw, G. N. (2014). Principles of Economics. Cengage publisher
ECON201 Intermediate Microeconomics
Nicholson, W., & Snyder, C. (2010). Intermediate microeconomics and its application. South-Western, Cengage Learning.
ECON211 Business Statistics I
Anderson, D.R., Sweeney, D.J., and Williams, T.A. (2011). Essentials of Statistics for Business and Economics. South-Western CENGAGE Learning, 6th Edition
ECON301 Econometrics
Gujarati, D. N. & Porter, D. C. (2009). Basic Econometrics. McGraw-Hill / Special Readings
ECON350 Financial Institutions and Markets
Frederic S Mishkin " The economics of money, banking and financial markets" 7th edition
ECON455 Labor Economics
Ehrenberg, R. G. & Smith, R. S. (2012). Modern Labor Economics: Theory and Public Policy. Pearson publisher
ECON462 Comparative Economic Systems
Kennett, D. (2004). A New View of Comparative Economics. 2nd. Ed. Thomson, South - Western Publishing
EDU211 Curriculum and Material Design
Parkay, F. W., Anctil, E. J., and Hass, G. (2010).Curriculum Leadership. Pearson; Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; Course Reader
EE201 Analog Electronics I
Electronic devices: Conventional current version (9th ed.), Floyd, T. L.,Pearson Education, Prentice Hall,2012 (Other references are provided is class as well) Introduction to Electrical Engineering, Mutukula Sarma, Oxford
EE202 Electrical Circuits II
Electrical Circuits, Nilsson, Pearson, 2011
EE221 Object Oriented Programming
Walter Savitch, Absolute Java, 6th Edition Pearson; Carrano, Data Structures and Abstractions with Java, 4th Edition
EE311 Control System Design
AG.F. Franklin, J.D. Powel ands A.Emami-Naeni: Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems, Prentice Hall, 2004, ISBN0-13-098041-2 Karl Johan Astrom and Richard M. Murray, Feedback Systems- An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers, Princeton University Press, ISBN-13: 978-0-691-13576-2 (alk. paper); ISBN-10: 0-691-13576-2 (alk. paper) The electronic edition of Feedback Systems and is available from ttp://∼murray/amwiki. Karl Johan Astrom Control System Design Lecture notes for ME 155, Dept of Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, University of Califrnia, Santa Barbara, (2002)
EE322 Power Systems
Text: Glover, Overbye, and Sarma, "Power System Analysis and Design", CENGAGE Learning, 6th Edition, 2017. References: Hadi Saadat, "Power System Analysis" Ned Mohan, "Electric Power systems A First Course" Bergen and Vittal, "Power System Analysis"
EE418 Introduction to Machine Learning
Machine Learning with R, Brett Lantz, Packt Publishing, 2013, Supplementary book: Introduction to Data Mining, Pang-ning Tan, Michael Steinbach and Vipin Kumar, Addison-Wesley, 2006
EE431 Digital Signal Processing
Text Book is: Digital Signal Processing: principles, algorithms and applications. 4th ed. Proakis and Manolakis. Pearson. 2014. Other references include: Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB. Proakis and ingle 3rd edition, Cengage Learning, 2012. Discrete Time Signal Processing. Oppenheim and Schafer, 3rd edition, Pearson, 2009. Applied Digital Signal Processing. Manolakis and Ingle, Cambridge University Press, 2012. Essentials of Digital Signal Processing. Lathi and Green, Cambridge University Press, 2014.
EE433 Microwave Engineering
Microwave Engineering, Peter Rizzi
EE550 Microwave Filter Design
Microwave Engineering, Peter Rizzi
ELIT101 Introduction to Literature
Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Writing . Fifth Compact Edition. Kennedy, X. J. & Dana Gioa. London: Pearson. 2007; The Course Reader 2020/2021 prepared by V.Suljic
ELIT203 Survey of English Literature II
1. The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Vol 2.W. W. Norton and Co. (any edition is fine) 2. A selection of texts, book chapters, poems and plays.
ELIT316 Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting
1. Setton, R. & Dawrant, A. (2016). Conference Interpreting_A Complete Course. John Benjamins Pub. Co. 2. Phelan, M. (2001). The Interpreter's Resource. Topics in Translation. Multilingual Matters. 3. A selection of texts, articles, book chapters and speeches.
ELIT505 Comparative Literature in Theory and Practice
A Reader's Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory, Fifth Edition, Selden P., Widdowson P., Brooker, P., Routledge, 2005; Critical Theory and Practice - A Coursebook, Green K. and LeBihan J., Routledge, 2001; The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism, Vincent B. Leitch, Gen. Ed., W.W.Norton, 2001; The Handbook to Literary Research, Second Edition, da Sousa Correa and W.R.Owens, eds., Routledge, 2010.