Course Text Books

Course & Text Book
SE322 Software Requirements Analysis
Software Requirements, Third Edition, Karl E. Wiegers, Microsoft Press, 2013
SOC351 Political Sociology
1) Michael S. Drake. Political Sociology for a Globalizing World. (Malden, MA: Polity Press, 2010); 2) Betty A. Dobratz,, Power, Politics and Society: An Introduction to Political Sociology. (London and New York: Routledge, 2016); 3) Thomas Janoski et. al. The Handbook of Political Sociology: States, Civil Societies and Globalization. (Cambridge: University Press, 2005).
SPS501 Methodology in Social Sciences
1. Shively, P. W. (2017). The Craft of Political Research. 10th edition. (CPR) 2. King, G., Keohane, R.O., Verba S. (1994). Designing Social Inquiry. (KKV) 3. Gerring, J. (2012). Social Science Methodology: A Unified Framework. 2nd edition. (SSM) 4. Johnson J. B., Reynolds H. T., & Mycoff J. D. (2016). Political Science Research Methods. (JRM)
VA102 Introduction to Visual Communication
Materials provided by the lecturer during the course
VA216 Graphic Design I
Graphic Design Basics, Amy Arntson, Cengage 2012
VA301 Project Studio 1
Moving Images_ Making Movies, Understanding Media, Carl Casinghino (Cengage, 2011)
VA303 Typography I
Designing with type (The essential guide to typography); James Craig/Irene Korol Scala; Watson-Guptill Publications Thinking with Type; Ellen Lupton: Princeton Architectural Press
VA307 Non Linear Editing I
Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2019, Jeff Schell,In the blink of an eye, Walter Murch
VA342 Introduction to Documentary Film
The search for Reality - Michael Tobias , From word to Image- Marcie Begleiter, Single Camera Video Production - Robert M. Rusburger, The Art of Watching Film - Petre Boggs
VA415 Design Studio I
Design Thinking by Gavin Ambrose (2009-12-10) by Gavin Ambrose AVA Publishing ; 2. Additional Literature selection will be emailed by teacher.
VA444 Digital TV Production
"The Art of Watching Film"Joseph M. Boggs,"The Green Screen Hand Book"Jeff Foster, "Editing Digital Video"John Rice,Brian McKerman