Course Text Books

Course & Text Book
ME412 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics: The Finite Volume Method, by H. K. Versteeg and W. Malalasekera
NS102 Physics
Serway And Jewett (Author) Physics For Scientists And Engineers 6E, Cole Publishing Co.,2004. Open book Univ. Physics 1 and 2,
NS104 General Chemistry
Karen C. Timberlake (2015).Chemistry: An introduction to general, organic and biological chemistry.12th edition, Pearson
NS112 Understanding Science and Technology
Rudi Volti. Society and Technological Change, (7th or 8th Edition) New York: Worth, 2013 or 2017, ISBN:13:978-1-4292-2121-4
NS202 Biochemistry I
Principles of Biochemistry, Moran-Horton-Scrimgeour-Perry, 2012 Pearson, 5th edition; Voet&Voet: Biochemistry, 2011, 4th edition
POLS101 Introduction to Philosophy
Elizabeth Burns and Stephan Law, (Eds.). Philosophy for AS and A2. London and New York: Routledge: 2004.
POLS204 Comparative Political Analysis
Mahler, G. S. (2013). Principles of comparative politics. Boston: Pearson. Hague, R., Harrop, M., & McCormick, J. (2016). Comparative Government And Politics: An introduction (10th ed.). London: Palgrave. Bill, J. A., & Hardgrave, R. L. (1981). Comparative politics: The quest for theory. Washington, D.C.: Bell & Howell. Sodaro, M. J. (2008). Comparative politics: A global introduction (3rd ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill. Powell, G. B., Strøm, K., & Manion, M. (2014). Comparative politics today: A world view (11th ed.). NY: Pearson. Thaib, L. (1990). The Notion of State in Islam. Kuala Lumpur: Quill. Akturk, S. (2015). Religion and Nationalism: Contradictions of Islamic Origins and Secular Nation-Building in Turkey, Algeria, and Pakistan. Social Science Quarterly, 96(3), 778-806.
POLS302 Contemporary Political Thought
W. Kymlicka. (2002). Contemporary Political Philosophy an Introduction. Oxford University Press
POLS304 Politics in BiH
• Imamović, M. (2006). "Bosnia and Herzegovina: Evolution of its Political and Legal Institutions". Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo: MAGISTRAT. • Karić, M. (2016). "Consociational Democracy in Theory and Practice: The Case of Post-War Bosnia and Herzegovina". Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo: International University of Sarajevo. • Gavrić, S., Banović, D. & Barreiro, M. (2013). "The political system of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Institutions – actors – processes" (Ed. Gavrić Saša). Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo: Sarajevski otvoreni centar/Sarajevo Open Centre. • Hasić, J. & Karabegović, Dž. (2019). "Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Foreign Policy Since Independence". Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.
POLS306 Religion and Politics
Jeffrey Haynes, (ed.). 2009. Routledge Handbook of Religion and Politics. New York: Routledge. Joseph J. Kaminski. 2017. The Contemporary Islamic Governed State: A Reconceptualization. New York: Palgrave. Elizabeth Bruening. 2019. In God's Country: Evangelicals View Trump as their Protector. Will the Stand by him in 2020? New York Times.
PSY103 Introduction to Psychology
Douglas S. Krull, Introduction to Psychology, Kona Publishing and Media Group, (2014)
PSY204 Biological Psychology
Biological Psychology, Kalat J.W., 12th Edition, Cengage Learning,2014
PSY210 Health Psychology
1. Introduction to clinical health psychology Bennet P., (2003) 2. Introduction to health psychology, chapter 1. Johnes and Barlett.
PSY214 Applied Statistics
Gravetter, F. J., & Wallnau, L. B. (2034). Statistics for the behavioral sciences (9th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. (ISNB: 1-111-83099-1) + Supplementary Readings
PSY305 Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research, and Everyday Experience, Goldstein E.B., 3rd Edition, Thompson Wadsworth, 2014.
PSY310 Introduction to Psychopharamacology
Main text- Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology 4th Edition - 9781107686465 Stahl's Online Reading assignments Olsen RW. GABAA receptor: Positive and negative allosteric modulators. Neuropharmacology. 2018 Jul 1;136(Pt A):10-22. doi: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2018.01.036.
PSY329 Psychometrics
Chadha N.K. (2009). Applied Psychometry. California: Sage Publication Inc
PSY370 Work Placement/Internship
There is no textbook or course material for Work placement/Internship. Please see Procedure and Rules for Work Placement/Internship:
PSY409 Child Psychopathology
Mash, E. J., & Barkley, R. A. (2014). Child Psychopathology (3rd. Ed.). NY: Guilford Press. ISBN 9781462516681
PSY421 Psychology of Religion
Loewenthal, K.M. (2000). The Psychology of Religion: A Short Introduction. UK: Oneworld Publications.
PSY422 Trauma Psychology
1. Trauma and recovery, Herman L. (1997). 2. Trauma abbreviated, S. Bloom (1999).3.Trauma and transformation, Tadeschi and Calhoun (1995) 4. Abnormal child psycholgy, Mash and Wolfe, (2012).
PSY425 History and Systems
D Brett King, Wayne Viney, W Douglas Woody (2009). A History of Psychology: Ideas and Context, (4th Edition), Pearson Education
PSY457 Emotion and Cognition
1. Mick Power and Tim Dalgleish (2016), Cognition and Emotion (From Order to Disorder), Psychology Press- Taylor and Francis group, London and New York; 2. Dictionary of Psychology, Oxford University Press;
PSY496 Research Activity
Materials provided in class
PSY510 Advanced Psychotherapy and Counseling
Comprehensive Textbook of Psychotherapy, Oxford University Press, 2017,Second Edition.135798642
PSY511 Clinical Psychopathology
Descriptive Psychopathology The Signs and Symptoms of Behavioral Disorders. Cambridge University Press 2008. 2. Hersen, M., & Beidel, D. C. (Eds.). (2014). Adult psychopathology and diagnosis (seventh edition). Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 3.• Fish's Clinical Psychopathology – signs and symptoms in psychiatry (third edition. The Royal College of Psychiatrists 2007. 4. • American Psychiatric Association (2013). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association.
PSY514 Research Designs and Academic Writing in Psychology
Writing for Psychology: A guide for psychology concentrators, Shelley H. Carson, Harvard College Publications, 2012.
PSY580 Professional Project or Term Paper
There is no textbook or course material for Work placement/Internship. Please click the link below for further information
SE302 Software Testing and Maintenance
Introduction to Software Testing, Second Edition, P. Amman and J. Offutt, Cambridge University Press,2017
SE322 Software Requirements Analysis
Software Requirements, Third Edition, Karl E. Wiegers, Microsoft Press, 2013