Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design I Cycle Curriculum

International University of Sarajevo,
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Abbreviations: T= Teaching, P= Practice, ECTS credit No. of Courses 8
Total Credits Required for Graduation 0 Minimum ECTS Credits for Applied / Practical Component of the Curriculum 0
Total Credits of Electives 0 Elective Ratio 0.00%
  • For the existing sophomore, junior and senior students, the Faculty Council will make plans for proper adaptation to the new curriculum.
  • Faculty Council decision is required to bypass a pre-requisite for any course.
  • This new curriculum is being implemented for the new freshman students who entered the freshman class in the year 2017 or after.
  • 2 Free Elective courses are taken from any programs at the university.
  • Junior standing: student has successfully completed at least 108 ECTS.
  • Senior standing: student has successfully completed at least 168 ECTS.
Table 4: 

Program Electives for Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design

VA217Graphic Design IIJunior Standing 036
VA200Contemporary Art Expression IJunior Standing 126
VA202Visual Language IIJunior Standing 126
VA220Painting IJunior Standing 036
VA300Contemporary Art Expression IIJunior Standing 126
VA301Project Studio 1Junior Standing 036
VA302Project Studio 2Junior Standing 126
VA304Typography IIJunior Standing 216
VA305Digital Vector Graphics IIJunior Standing 126
VA308Compositing and Digital Effects IJunior Standing 126
VA310Advanced Drawing I Junior Standing 036
VA311Advanced Drawing IIJunior Standing 126
VA314Non-Linear Editing IIJunior Standing 036
VA315Compositing and Digital Effects IIJunior Standing 036
VA316AdvertisingJunior Standing 126
VA318New Media IIJunior Standing 216
VA319Sound DesignJunior Standing 126
VA322History of Art II Junior Standing 216
VA323Illustration StudioJunior Standing 216
VA325Motion Picture Photography Junior Standing 126
VA332Photography for Digital DesignersJunior Standing 126
VA333Web Design IIJunior Standing 126
VA334Packaging DesignJunior Standing 126
VA339Basic Principles of Animation 126
VA341Digital Desktop Publishing IJunior Standing 036
VA342Introduction to Documentary FilmJunior Standing 126
VA343Painting IIJunior Standing 036
VA346Digital Desktop Publishing IIJunior Standing 036
VA4033D Design ISenior Standing 036
VA404Game DesignSenior Standing 126
VA406User Experience Design (UX Design)Senior Standing 126
VA416Design Studio IISenior Standing 036
VA438Introduction to Visual StorytellingSenior Standing 036
VA440Visual Storytelling IISenior Standing 036
VA442Photography IISenior Standing 126
VA443Information Graphic DesignSenior Standing 126
VA444Digital TV ProductionSenior Standing 036
VA449Television Broadcast DesignSenior Standing 036
VA451Documentary Film ProductionSenior Standing 126
VA452Show Reel ProductionSenior Standing 036
VA4553D Design IISenior Standing 036

Other 2xx, 3xx, 4xx or 5xx level courses from other programs at IUS can be taken as program elective with the consent of the Program Coordinator

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