Assessment of wind energy resources above a complex terrain with transient conditions

TitleAssessment of wind energy resources above a complex terrain with transient conditions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
Date Published06/2013
Conference NameEuropean Conference in Technology and Society (EuroTecS-2013)
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsTorlak, M, Turan, K, Hadżiabdić, M
Place PublishedSarajevo/ BIH

Computational assessment of wind energy resources is typically performed employing linear models. While the linear models are popular for their simplicity, they are prone to produce noticeable errors in regions where wind separations and re-circulations appear. In addition to these flow phenomena triggered by complex ground shapes, meso-scale weather conditions usually result in time-dependent wind speeds and directions, which are not captured through linear models. Better results might be expected from models based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which include complex terrain treatment, time-dependent conditions, as well as a variety of options for turbulence modeling.This paper presents assessment of time-dependent wind speed and wind power density at an adopted site for which the geometric data of complex terrain exist and some limited measurement data are available in literature. Comparison of the CFD and linear-model results sheds some light on flow phenomena, which are not encountered in typical analyses, but might have a certain impact on planning and optimization of wind farms.