Beauty of Digital Era

TitleBeauty of Digital Era
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2010
Date Published10/2010
Conference Name1st International Graduate Research Symposium on the Built Environment, METU
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsSimisic, L
Place PublishedAnkara, Turkey
ISSN Number978-975-429-285-5 (1.c)

With the arrival of Digital era, a comprehension of the world we live in is changing; the world where the relations among things are presented through the informatics and communication technologies definitely changes the attitudes towards architecture. The research work of this paper is about the justifying the beauty by clashing architecture, engineering, computation, biology and ecology. The theme of this research, are the membranes of future architectural beings, designed to adapt to different conditions of outside world. By decoding patterns of the natural sources as well those of synthetic word, their L systems, through the complex process of design, where the potential of the computer as a creative tool is inevitable, the idea is to try to create algorithms that will produce structures that can contribute to the idea of architectural objects of the Post Human Era. This project focuses on how to introduce lace, either that one made by humans or the one found in nature, not as a motive, but as a structure. The final goal is to provide object which participate in the environment through its own membrane, with inclusion and democracy, and making those object become equivalent to the real world.