Communication Engineering Curriculum (Past, Present and the Future)

TitleCommunication Engineering Curriculum (Past, Present and the Future)
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
Date PublishedJuly 5-6, 2012
Conference NameInternational Conference on Electrical, Computer, Electronics and Communication Engineering (ICECECE 2012)
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsAburas, AAli, Rustempašic, I, Muhic, I, Yıldız, BGheith
Place PublishedZurich, Switzerland

At present time, competition, unpredictablefluctuations have made communication engineering education in theglobal sphere really difficult. Confront with new situation in theengineering education sector. Communication engineering educationhas to be reformed and ready to use more advanced technologies.We realized that one of the general problems of student`s education isthat after graduating from their universities, they are not prepared toface the real life challenges and full skilled to work in industry. Theyare prepared only to think like engineers and professionals but theyalso need to possess some others non-technical skills. In today’senvironment, technical competence alone is not sufficient for careersuccess. Employers want employees (graduate engineers) who havegood oral and written communication (soft) skills. It does require forteam work, business awareness, organization, management skills,responsibility, initiative, problem solving and IT competency. Thisproposed curriculum brings interactive, creative, interesting, effectivelearning methods, which includes online education, virtual labs,practical work, problem-based learning (PBL), and lectures given byindustry experts. Giving short assignments, presentations, reports,research papers and projects students can significantly improve theirnon-technical skills. Also, we noticed the importance of using ICTtechnologies in engineering education which used by students andteachers, and included that into proposed teaching and learningmethods. We added collaborative learning between students throughteam work which builds theirs skills besides course materials. Theprospective on this research that we intent to update communicationengineering curriculum in order to get fully constructed engineerstudents to ready for real industry work.