Comparative Film Glossary in Bosnian, English and Turkish

TitleComparative Film Glossary in Bosnian, English and Turkish
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsLejla Panjeta
PublisherSvjetlost Sarajevo & IUS
Place PublishedSarajevo
ISBN Number978-9958-10-944-7

This book emerged from the necessity for the clarification of definitions for certain lexical terminology in moviemaking and film studies theory. This pocket issue of film glossary explains beginner level terminology and is intended for the students of film in Bosnian, English, or Turkish language, but also for the movie professionals of English or Turkish origins who are working in film co-productions. This is the first Bosnian film glossary with brief introduction to film history, and also the first three lingual edition of film terminology.