Design and analysis of dual band pass filter

TitleDesign and analysis of dual band pass filter
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
Date Published01/2020
JournalSustainable Engineering and Innovation
Number of Volumes1
Type of Articlejournal
Publication Languageenglish
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AuthorsPuran, A, Taha Imeci, S
ISSN NumberISSN 2712-0562
KeywordsFilter; Dual Bandpass Filter; Microstrip; Cut-off frequency; Q factor; microwave; Multi-band operation

In this work dual band meandered line bandpass filter is designed and simulated. Anlaysis are done while changing specific parameters, which includes mostly geometry and some material characteristics like dieletric thickness and metal types. This filter has compact structure which is one of the main benefits. It has many applications in industry and that is what makes work on it very interesting. Values for S11 parameter are -20.70dB and -41.72 dB for 4.9GHz and 5.5GHz, respectively. Values for S12 parameter are -0.03dB and -2.91e-4dB for 4.9GHz and 5.5GHz, respectively.

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