Development of Computer-Aided Industrial Design Technology

TitleDevelopment of Computer-Aided Industrial Design Technology
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
Date Publishedjune/2017
JournalPeriodicals of Engineering and Natural Scinces
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsAkca, E
ISSN Number2303-4521
KeywordsCAD, CAID, Industrial design techology

With the development of science and technology, industrial design industry also in development, and at the same time, the industrial market in the design of the products of industry, the species diversity of interest requirement also become increasingly strict. In order to ensure that the industrial design in terms of quality and quantity can better development, computer aided design of the industry establish human-computer interaction, become the key factors of industry design. This paper puts forward based on computer aided the origin of the industrial design, and then puts forward computer-aided industrial design of man-machine interaction of the concept and characteristic, and human-computer interaction application in industrial design, and finally to the future development of human-computer interaction made planning and prospected.