Dual resonance high frequency bandpass filter

TitleDual resonance high frequency bandpass filter
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
Date Published01/2020
JournalSustainable Engineering and Innovation
Number of Volumes1
Type of Articlejournal
Publication Languageenglish
Reprint Editionna
AuthorsDzakmic, S, Taha Imeci, S
PublisherSustainable Engineering and Innovation ISSN 2712-0562 Vol. 2, No. 1, June 2020, pp.1-9
Place PublishedBiH
ISSN Number2712-0562
KeywordsDual resonance; bandpass filter; quality factor; Sonnet software, microstrip

This paper presents a design of dual resonance high frequency bandpass filter using Sonnet EM Simulator. Filter prototype is enhanced by adding the short stub in the center of the design. A parametric study shows the impact of choosing appropriate configuration characteristics. This is a dual resonance bandpass filter design, with center frequencies and . Performed input match at first resonance is and insertion loss is . The obtained results at second resonance are and . Due to its characteristics, this is a high-Q medium bandwidth dual resonance bandpass filter. The design is simulated and planning to be fabricated with 0.36 mm thickness and dielectric constant . This paper benefits from its compact size and simple geometry over the similar filters found in literature.

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