Extracting Gray Level Profiles of Human Chromosomes by Curve Fitting

TitleExtracting Gray Level Profiles of Human Chromosomes by Curve Fitting
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
Date Published09/2012
JournalSoutheast Europe Journal of Soft Computing
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsGagula-Palalic, S, Can, M
ISSN Number2233 -1859

In this paper, a unified algorithm for extracting gray level profiles of Human chromosomes is presented. It is a unified approach since we do not discriminate chromosomes as straight and bended.  This is a very helpful procedure which extends the domain of success of most of the previously reported algorithms to highly curved chromosomes. The gray image of the chromosome is thresholded at the gray level 0.9, and the matrix of gray image is transformed into a list of pixel coordinates whose gray level is less than 0.9. To the list of two dimensional points, the most appropriate smooth curve is fitted. Then this smooth curve subdivided into n arcs of equal lengths, and straight lines are drawn that are normal to the curve at the end points of the subdivision. The points of the list are classified into n bins according to their distance to these n straight lines. The average of gray levels of each bin gives the gray levels at the points of the gray level profile of the chromosome. It is seen that the gray level profiles of the bended chromosomes have a high similarity with the straight counterparts.

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