Implementation of Advanced Automated Material Handling Systems in Manufacturing Environment

TitleImplementation of Advanced Automated Material Handling Systems in Manufacturing Environment
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsInalpolat, M, Durakovic, B
Date PublishedJune/2013
Publication Languageeng
ISBN Number2303-4580
KeywordsAdvanced Manufacturing Technologies, Automated Material Handling Systems, Automated Storage and Retrieval

The importance of flexibility and efficiency has increased in the manufacturing sector. The rising level of uncertainty in consumer preferences has caused many organizations to search for cost reductions and other sources of competitive advantage. This fact has resulted in an increased implementation of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. The implementation of AMT is expected to increase productivity, as well as flexibility and responsiveness. The objective of research is to develop methodologies for that implementation of Automated Material Handling System, considering a manufacturing strategy context and an analysis based on an organizational design framework in an automotive manufacturing company's Facilities which is between the storage and textile cutting process.After detailed the processes new model is found for warehousing. The strategy of research is based on ‘AMHS’ using primary and secondary data, expert's interviews information and case study. The approach of the AMHS implementation is order to take advantage of all their individual and systemic benefits.