MemorInmotion - Pedagogical tool on culture of remembrance

TitleMemorInmotion - Pedagogical tool on culture of remembrance
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsKasumagic-Kafedzic, L, Boerhout, L, Foric, M, Dujkovic-Blagojevic, B, Jusic, S, Moll, N, Parente, M, Muha, MKafedzic, Reitsema, W, Opacin, N, Masic, A, Brand, J, Baotic, A, Pfeifer, C, Alic, S, Hasimbegovic, E
PublisherCopyright @ Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst e.V.

The ‘MemorInmotion’ teaching tool on the culture of remembrance focuses on the role of remembrance in culture, which has been discussed by other peace and conflict researchers. The aim of ‘MemorInmotion’ is to make young people familiar with the ways that history and the memory of war and conflict are presented, used and abused in public spaces. The importance of this has been demonstrated in Rwanda, the Balkans and many other places in between.When young people are engaged with history, they can share perspectives and create new perspectives on the past. They can critically reflect on public cultures of remembrance, which in turn increases their awareness of the role and responsibility of memorialisation. By promoting reflection on the past  – and different possible futures – it helps to establish trust between individuals and communities from different backgrounds, to restore dialogue and rebuild peaceful relationships. Memorialisation can be a powerful tool in peace education and peacebuilding. It enables people to explore different ways to deal with difficult wartime memories, to challenge dominant historical narratives, and to question conventional concepts of identity.The toolkit is constructed for teachers, professors and educators working with 16 to 25 year old students and contains the following: 5 Modules (from Identity to the Art of Dealing with the Past to issues of memorialisation and history); 9 Lesson Plans for school and workshop classes and youth groups active in institutional and nongovernmental cultural and educational organizations; 1 Essay – providing an overview of the two projects and background information on the complexity of remembrance; Audio-visual material (1 short animated film with the making-of), 3 video clips on monuments and memory sites in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo with the making-of, and 3 video clips on monuments in Munich, Germany; 1 MOnuMENTI Catalogue on monuments in the Western Balkans. It is available in BCS, English and German languages.