Method and device for producing a state signal

TitleMethod and device for producing a state signal
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsDžafic, I
VolumeUS 9261864 B2
SectionUS 9261864 B2
NumberUS 9261864 B2
Date Published02/ 2016
Publication Languageeng

A state signal is produced that indicates a state of an energy transmission system. In the method, for pre-determined network nodes of the energy transmission system, electrical measuring values for at least one electrical measuring variable are measured and used to produce the state signal indicating the state. Respectively predicted load data that predict the electrical behavior of the respective load are associated with the electrical loads connected to the energy transmission system. The electrical loads are respectively associated with an electrical load group into which the electrical loads are collected with comparable prognostic reliability. An individual weighting value that describes the prognosis reliability of the predicted load data of the loads associated with the load group is respectively allocated to each load group. The state signal is formed using the measuring values, the load data and the weighting values.