"Modernist house near Mostar, as possible answer for issuues of context and harmony with environment"

Title"Modernist house near Mostar, as possible answer for issuues of context and harmony with environment"
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2015
Conference NameS.ARCH 2015, Environment and Architecture
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsZoranic, A
PublisherVerlag e.K.
Place PublishedBudva, Montenegro
ISSN NumberISBN 978-3-9816624-5-0

The project for a built house near Blagaj, 15 km from Mostar, was created with the desire that modern, in design and visual expression simple architecture fit into the natural submediterranean environment strongly marked by an atmosphere of rich tradition and culture from the nearby Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj and Dalmatia. In the spirit of Critical Regionalism that symbiosis between modern architecture and contextual determinants as climate, topography, orientation, traditions and rich architectural heritage were reflecting in the concept that combines open and closed spaces, follows the gentle slope of land and orientation to spectacular views of the surrounding hills, mountains Velez and vast vineyards and orchards. This approach is close to objectives of environmentally sustainable architecture and the wish to create a building that does not dominate but becomes part of the environment. Design of house tries to respect some of the basic principles of architecture adapted to the context; first with the size adjusted to custom periodical using (during weekends and holidays) by four member of family, then through the use of traditional materials and with use of the benefits of orientation towards the sun, but also protection from unwanted insolation during the summer. The house was designed and built to be categorized as a low energy house with 75m2 of living enclosed area that is directly connected with a covered terrace of 20m2, while under the part of housing unit is 25m2 for garage and storage. In the continuity from the shaded terraces there is an intimate outdoor area around the planned smaller swimming pool, surrounded by shade and scents of Mediterranean vegetation. The modernist idea that pure and simple geometric lines and white forms versus free shapes and rich colors of the natural environment are often the best way of their mutual relation is revived in the realization of this house.