New, Wild, and Brave Beauty

TitleNew, Wild, and Brave Beauty
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2018
Conference Name16th International Conference Arquitectonics Network
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsSimisic, L, Estévez, AT
ISBN NumberISBN-13 978-84-09-02652-4

This article traces architecture intertwined with its environment, and what could be a possible organ that is part of such communication. It is giving an articulation, towards Architectural Sensorium. Powerful differences of symbiosis between environment and architecture are stressed by notion of Beauty. Obsession of the Beauty on the beginning of the 21st century, parallel to similar obsession on a beginning of 20th, might bring us some new understandings and insights in our creative doctrine. Intentionally this writing studied notion of Beauty rather than aesthetics. It is exploring a kind of new, wild and brave Beauty. Similar to relation between art and culture sits relation between aesthetics and Beauty. While culture, contrary to art, expresses continuity and coherence, art possess singularity of a wildness and surprising nature. This article attempts to address question, whether architecture could be built out of nothing. Although it is important for architecture to be recognized and to recognize in its discourse the convergences of science, technology, biology computation or philosophy, this research still has more concern towards searching niche for or of possible architecture, somewhere which does not belong to any particular domain. Part of this research focuses on how Beauty inscribes possible life, that starving for merge between human and human within artificial realm, and finally to be displaced elsewhere. It analyzes procedure and methods of decomposition of body of Beauty, to make it eligible to become part of possible world. Examinations of literal and artistic creations are relied on brave, unconventional and wild examples rather than on architectural masterpieces. Question to be answer is: can we Justify Beauty and is there any relevance in its justification and implications; is it important to create architecture with Sensorium; and what sits out of relation between Beauty and Sensorium? This has created a framework for further contributions, besides of rethinking of power of Beauty, to give an importance of Architectural Sensorium towards Global Sensorium.