A Review on Devulcanization of Waste Tire Rubber

TitleA Review on Devulcanization of Waste Tire Rubber
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
Date Published10/2018
JournalPeriodicals of Engineering and Natural Scinces
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsAkca, E, Gürsel, A, Sen, N
ISSN Number2303-4521
KeywordsDevulcanization, Recycling, Waste tire rubber

Rubber has become an indispensable material for the technological development of civilization, including simple balloon and complex rocket propellant. Rubber Industry worldwide is using on an average 50% of raw materials. These materials were mostly petroleum-based, except natural rubber (NR), steel cord and bead wire. Using of these petroleum-based raw materials not only depletes natural resources, but also produces more extreme environmental hazards. The waste tire rubber problem is of great magnitude and has far reaching environmental and economic implications. There are some ways for recycling of rubber, such as reclaiming technology, surface treatment, grinding and pulverization technology, devulcanization technology. Methods of devulcanizing rubber (or elastomers) have been researched almost since the time of the discovery of the rubber/sulfur vulcanization process. By devulcanization process the cross-links in the structure of rubber are broken and devulcanized rubber can be revulcanized into a raw material for rubber industry, which is a highly valued form of waste rubber. This study provides a review of the recent advances in understanding of methods of recycling rubber and claims that the capacity of thermomechanical and mechanochemical devulcanization methods of recycling waste tire rubber can be improved in future studies.