A review on Nanoparticle and Protein interaction in biomedical applications

TitleA review on Nanoparticle and Protein interaction in biomedical applications
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
JournalPeriodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsŠutković, J
Secondary AuthorsJašarević, A

Nanoparticles are molecules with size depended chemical and pyhsical characteristics, enabling interesting and correlated approaches while dealing with fundamental biological questions. Nanoparticles are capable of strong and important interaction with other molecules. Many different nanoparticles are produced, with variety of different roles, but Gold nanoparticle as metal based beads, have specific importance due to their attractive physical and chemical properties, biocompatibility, and facile surface modification. In general, nanoparticles have the ability to interact with whole physiological surrounding once when they enter human body. In most of the cases, first molecule they interact with are proteins, which are the main constituens of human body and the driving force of most of the biological processes. This understanding of interaction between nanoparticles and proteins represents an important essence for secure and efficient application of nanoparticles. In this regards, several methods for nanoparticle-protein interaction were developed and analysed in this review.Further, this paper reviews the current scientific development in nanoparticle-protein interactions.