The Special Legal Regime of Leasing Companies in the Legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Neighboring Countries

TitleThe Special Legal Regime of Leasing Companies in the Legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Neighboring Countries
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2016
Date PublishedJune 2016
Conference NameSecond Sarajevo International Conference on “EU Integration & Balkan Countries”
VolumeVolume 1
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsSudžuka, E
PublisherInternational University of Sarajevo
Place PublishedSarajevo
ISBN Number 978-9958-27-301-8 (Vol. 1-3)
ISSN Number 978-9958-27-302-5 (Vol. 1)
Accession NumberCOBISS.BH-ID 23013126

This paper analyzes the status of leasing companies in the legal system of Bosnia and Herzegovina and makes a comparison with legislations of neighboring countries. In recent years, leasing agreement became a widely used model of financing of procurement of goods including different types of equipment mostly for business purposes. From the beginning of the development of leasing, the practice of domestic and foreign trade and economy have defined it's primary function as the financing of procurement of movable and immovable investment equipment without engaging personal investment funds by payment in cash and without indebtedness in classic loan form. Therefore, leasing companies as specialized legal entities appeared in most contemporary legal systems in order to offer to its clients new kind of financing different from the classical loans. This special kind of companies in most countries are introduced by lex specials laws on leasing or if there is no such a law, they are formed under the general regime of national company law. Laws of leasing are enacted in Bosnia and Hercegovina on entity level beginning from 2007 in Republika Srpska and 2008 in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In neighboring countries, special leasing laws were enacted first in Macedonia in 2002, in Serbia 2003 and the last in Croatia in 2013. Although most of the leasing companies are directly or indirectly related to banks as financial institutions, nowadays we can surely talk about leasing companies as special and independent legal entities with specific legal personality

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