Turkish Foreign Policy toward the War in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995

TitleTurkish Foreign Policy toward the War in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDillioglu, B
EditorMustafa, D
Conference Name2013 European Conference of Technology and Society
Date Published08/2013
Publication Languageeng

Active Turkish foreign policy toward Balkans is not a recent issue but it rather is a long process with strong ties and attractions. During the Bosnian war Turkey showed its interest toward the region and tried to follow an active foreign policy toward international community in order to provide humanitarian assistance as well as peace back in the region. It had been following strong diplomacy in order to lift the arms embargo, which was leading to unfair treatment of Muslim Bosnians, and preventing their primary right for self-protection. Turkey’s former foreign minister HikmetÇetin paid visits to the country under seizure four times in order to mediate negotiations, while Prime Minister TansuÇiller visited Bosnia in order to attract the attention of whole world to the sufferings. Turkey based its strategy on international organizations, mainly of Organization of Islamic Conference, and also United Nations calling it several times for an active strategy and military intervention. However Turkey’s actions were in cohesion with America and other Western states not taking the risk of any radical behavior. We should also bear in mind the role of Non-governmental organizations and public support for bringing at least attempting to help people who were suffering due to the conflict.