“Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina Between Conservative Past and Liberal Future“

Title“Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina Between Conservative Past and Liberal Future“
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
Conference Name2nd International Conference on Education, Culture and Identity
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsKulanic, A, Osmić, A
PublisherInternational University of Sarajevo
Place PublishedSarajevo, BiH
KeywordsBosnia, future, past, Youth

This article attempts to elaborates the social position and context of „youth generation“, focusing mainly on their lifestyle and their role in Bosnian society. Main aim of this article is to empirically define and diagnose the social position of youth in BiH, what are the main characteristics of youth generation and what differentiates them from other social categories. Furthermore, this articles aims to identify culture cherished by youth as well as the issue of the belonging to the subcultures and their perception of the same through the prism of their own identity. The issue of identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a rather complex and we can discuss the possibility of the multiple identity existence that exemplifies the heterogeneity of the population with all of its characteristics. Unfortunately, in many cases, belonging to the specific subculture has been determined by social position or material status of young person. Economic situation in BiH has been moving from bad to worse in last couple years that directly influenced the socio-economic position of youth. Besides that fact that young people educate themselves (more that 50% of youth is in educational system or process), upon completion of their education every second person remains unemployed (unemployment rate of youth in BiH is highest in Europe and is 54.3%). In normal circumstances, youth generation is the most valuable treasure of each society. However, in neglected and undeveloped societies to which, obviously Bosnian belongs, youth generation is left to itself, and repressed to margin of social interactions, have been denied and given to others even though it represents irreplaceable lost for that specific communities.