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V. Domljan, Mirascic, G., Ridic, G., and Ridic, O., “FROM DEFECTIVE TO EFFECTIVE BIH DEVELOPMENT POLICY”, ACTA ECONOMICA, vol. XV, no. 27, pp. 137-162, 2017.
E. Sudžuka and Brankovic, A., Legal and Economic Enviroment for Foreign Investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Advantages and Obstacles, Epiphany, Journal of Transdiciplinary Studies, vol. Volume 9, No. 2, pp. 53-70, 2017.
M. Ganić, Ismic, B., and Sarajcic, S., Does Financial Deepening spur the Economic growth? Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development (JECD), vol. 37 , No. 1, 2016.