IBF310 Business Ethics

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Course Code Course Title Weekly Hours* ECTS Weekly Class Schedule
IBF310 Business Ethics 3 0 6 Tu 11.00-12.50, Th 10.00 - 10.50, F 1.1.
Prerequisite None It is a prerequisite to


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Course Objectives The objectives of the course are to introduce students to the ethical concepts that are relevant to resolving moral issues in business, to identify the ethical issues involved in the management of specific problem areas in business, to provide an understanding of the social, technological and natural environment within which ethical issues in business arises, and to supply case studies of actual ethical dilemmas faced by business.
Textbook Velasquez, M (2012). Business Ethics. Pearson Education. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.
Learning Outcomes After successful  completion of the course, the student will be able to:
  1. Have a clearer understanding of different ethical concepts and how each relates to the business.
  2. Identify ethical issues in the context of business decision making.
  3. Recognize and give weight to ethical considerations in light of business operations.
  4. Appreciate some of the ethical implications of contemporary business issues.
  5. Identify basic criteria for resolving ethical issues in business.
Teaching Methods The methods include lectures (which may involve power point presentation, video and audio aids), student presentations, projects, class discussion, individually and as team members, case studies and debates.
Week 1 Overview and principles of the course
Week 2 Ethics and Business Ch 1
Week 3 Ethical Principles in Business Ch 2
Week 4 The Business System: Government, Markets, International Trade Ch 3
Week 5 Ethics in the Market Place Ch 4
Week 6 Ethics and the Environment Ch 5
Week 7 Midterm Exam
Week 8 The Ethics of Consumer Production and Marketing Ch 6
Week 9 The Ethics of Marketing Ch 6
Week 10 The Ethics and Job Discrimination Ch 7
Week 11 Case study
Week 12 The Individual and Organization Ch 8
Week 13 The Individual and Political Organization Ch 8
Week 14 Projects
Week 15 Projects
Assessment Methods and Criteria Evaluation Tool Quantity Weight Alignment with LOs
Final Exam 1 40 1,2,5
Semester Evaluation Compenents
Midterm Exam 1 25 1,2,5
Project 1 25 1,3,4
Participation 10 3,4
***     ECTS Credit Calculation     ***
 Activity Hours Weeks Student Workload Hours Activity Hours Weeks Student Workload Hours
Lecture Hours 3 14 42 Midterm Exam Study 16 1 16
Home Study 3 14 42 Final Exam Study 20 1 20
Project 15 2 30 Project 15 2 30
        Total Workload Hours = 180
*T= Teaching, P= Practice ECTS Credit = 6
Course Academic Quality Assurance: Semester Student Survey Last Update Date: 06/11/2020
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