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A. F. Mataracı, Soliman Second, ou Les Trois Sultanes (1761): Manifestation of Eighteenth-Century French Interest in the Ottomans, in Culture and Diplomacy: Ambassadors as Cultural Actors in the Ottoman – European Relations from 16th to 19th Century, Vienna: Hollitzer, 2020.
A. F. Mataracı, Yuksek Ogretimde Yeni Ufuklar: Toplumsal Cinsiyet Esitligi Ilkeleri, ISS2019 4th International Science Symposium New Horizons in Science (Abstract Book), 2019.1 vol. Firat Akademi A.S. , Elazig-Turkiye, p. xii, 2019.
A. F. Mataracı, Remembering the Battle of Kosovo (1389), vol. Recent Developments in Arts. International Association of Social Science, Sarajevo, BiH, pp. 183-187, 2017.
A. F. Mataracı, Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Balkan Wars and World War I, in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Society, Law and Politics, 2016.
A. F. Mataracı, Fatma Aliye Hanım’s Contributions to History Writing, International Relations and Diplomacy, vol. Vol. 4, no. No. 8 , pp. 502-507, 2016.
A. F. Mataracı, Trade in Wartime: The Business Correspondence of an Ottoman Muslim Merchant Family. Istanbul: Libra Yayınevi, 2016.
A. F. Mataracı, Trading in the Shadow of Wars in a Doomed Empire, in War and Collapse: World War I and the Ottoman State, vol. III, Utah: The University of Utah Press, 2016.
A. F. Mataracı, “From Anatolia to Manchester via Istanbul: The Complex Nature of an Ottoman Commercial Network on the Eve of World War I”, New Perspectives in Theory and Empirical Research. Proceedings of the International Conference of Economic and Social History. Publications of the Philosophical School of the University of Crete – Alexandria Publications, Rethymno, 2008.