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M. Toprak, Securitization and Financial Crisis, Platin, vol. January, Monthly vol., 2015.
M. Toprak, Choice of AK Party: Continue to Reforms or Consolidation , Platin, vol. December, Monthly vol., 2014.
M. Toprak, Coordination Problem in International Monetary Policy, Platin, vol. January, 2014.
M. Toprak, Dysfunction and Inability to Institutionalize; Whither Turkey?, Platin, vol. April, 2014.
M. Toprak, Economic Profile of Turkey, Unapredenje Ekonomskih Odnosa Izmedu Turske i Crne Gore, vol. 1. The Foundation for Economic Researchs, Podgorica - Monte Negro, p. 34, 2014.
M. Toprak, European Union Vision towards Vocational Education and Turkey , Platin, vol. February, 2014.
M. Toprak, Future Investment in the Balkans: Education and Social Services, Platin, vol. August, no. August, 2014.
M. Toprak, Quality assurance and accreditation in the education system , Platin, vol. September, Monthly vol., 2014.
M. Toprak, Rating and confiscating banks , Platin, vol. October, Monthly vol., 2014.
M. Toprak, The restoration of Turkish language is the claim of Turkey, Platin, vol. July, Monthly vol., no. July, 2014.
M. Toprak, Separate Prime Minister and President: A Model Proposal , Platin, vol. May, 2014.
M. Toprak, To Manage Differences and to be A Role Model, Platin, vol. March, 2014.
M. Toprak, Turkey's economy: Robust or Fragile as its politics , Platin, vol. June, 2014.