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Lejla Panjeta, Prepadni me filmski , Urban magazine, 2017.
Lejla Panjeta, Presentation of IUS. 2017.
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Lejla Panjeta, Radio Free Europe. Feb 17, 2017 - Interview, 2017.
Lejla Panjeta, Radio Sarajevo: Poster Competition. 2017.
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Lejla Panjeta, Suptilna persuazivnost filma kroz dobro i zlo, Urban magazine, no. february, 2017.
Lejla Panjeta, TVSA guest on TV Show - cooperation IUS and Sarajevo Winter Festival, 2017.
Lejla Panjeta, TVSA News, March 15th 2017, Poster Competition, 2017.
Lejla Panjeta, VACD and Sarajevska zima: Ebru exhibition of master Nihal Ture. 2017.
Lejla Panjeta, VACD lecture: Importance of Preparation. 2017.
Žanrovsko uzbuđenje – Akcija, 2017. [Online]. Available: http://www.filmofil.ba/zanrovsko-uzbudenje-akcija.
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O. Ridic, Avdibegovic, A., and Busatlic, S., ANALYSIS OF RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FLEXIBLE WORK ARRANGEMENTS, WORK LIFE BALANCE AND EMPLOYEES’ EFFICIENCY: EVIDENCE FROM BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA’S (BiH) IT SECTOR, Economic Review – Journal of Economics and Busines,INovember 2016, vol. Vol. XIV , no. issue 2 , pp. 44-66, 2016.
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